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From the North Upper....

Bulot looked more like Jordan Cousins than Jordan Cousins.

I'm gonna call him Jordan's Cousin.


  • Have you been drinking?
  • Jordan's hair was taller
  • Have you been drinking?

    I see it more like every now and then the engine needs topping up with oil
  • Thank heavens for the different coloured boots.
  • Addickted said:

    Thank heavens for the different coloured boots.

    That was Bikey and surely everyone can tell who he is, by his gravitational pull alone. ;)
  • Huskaris said:

    Their hair style and frame is exceptionally similar, I was thinking Jordan Cousins was having an absolute blinder in terms of workrate today until I realised there were two of him... Not all that impressed now.

    If you're seeing double during the match maybe you need to ease up on the drinking before the game Huskaris :-)
  • Do keep up AFKA! From September 18:

    When he [Bulot] was on the pitch, from the West Upper, it was hard to tell which player was Bulot and which one was Cousins.

  • Bulot is number 8 :-0
  • Loco said:

    Bulot is number 8 :-0

    Cheers Colin
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