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A small celebation in the Mess

A small celebration will be held in the Mess today at around 16.00 hrs on the occasion of 'Jimmy the air gunner's 94th birthday. It also marks, to the day, 75 years since he signed up at the RAF recruiting office in Brighton, accompanied by his mum, so that he could 'do his bit' .

Ladies will be present so 'scrums' and 'de-bagging' should not take place.

He was feeling a bit down when I saw him on Saturday but perhaps a few' happy birthdays' from us will do the trick today.

Thanks and Tally Ho, chaps!


  • Many happy returns Jimmy.

    You sir, are a remarkable man and a hero.
  • Happy Birthday Jimmy.

    Your story is an inspiring one and those of us unborn or too young at the time owe you and your comrades an enormous debt of gratitude.

  • I'm a bit late for 1600, but Happy Birthday Sir from me, we owe you a lot. Have a great time.
  • It's OK HA, take off has been slightly delayed : the cake Mrs M is baking is taking a bit longer than it should. Will pass on your greetings with the others.
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