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Caption Competition - New signing Élan Assiana


"OK, Gaffer so I get this mobile phone and all the stationery I want?"


  • So if I sign here I become the players hairdresser yeah
  • You look a lot scarier in the photos I have seen of you Mr Peters.
  • Steve Avory

    "You'll be able to blur the names on the whiteboard when you print this photo so those feckers on Charlton Life can't read who were after, right?"
  • Done Deal innit :-)
  • 'Gottle of geer, gottle of geer.'
  • I absolutely promise you that you are at Charlton and no I am certainly not Neil Warnock please check my eyebrows
  • Photographer: "Anyone told you that you look a bit like that Neil Warnock at this angle, Steve?"

    Avory: "what did you say dead man with the camera?"
  • find out we sign a new player via caption comnpetition.
  • "Come on Elan, let's smile for the camera and not let on that we've been arguing over the right length of hair for highlights."
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  • So if I sign here I become the players hairdresser yeah

    nil pois

    not a valid entry
  • Bend over this desk son and you can have a 2 year contract.

  • " Stand up lad so they can all see how tall you are."
    "I already am."
  • Tell me all your new players sign contracts with red crayons??
  • "The charlton life forum are gonna have a field day over how tall you are, knew I shoulda brought them heels in "
  • "Why does everyone call me Lotus?"
  • Nah, those boxes aren't photocopier toner lad, they're Paulies personal stock of highlight toner.
  • Do I have to sign?...

  • "When do I get to meet Simon Church?"
  • Now you have joined all the dots you can colour it in!
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  • edited October 2014
    Steve Avory has gone from teaching Dazzler in P.E to helping Élan Assiana with his homework. How the great fall.
  • Diego Poyet told me this was a great place to spend 2 years and I needed a new challenge anyway.
  • Where's Scarfy?
  • I bet Ronaldo doesn't have to sign his contracts in a stationery cupboard.
  • I know you are left handed and wouldn't really sign with a red magic marker but when the red and scarf arrives you won't get to wear that every day, so just smile.
  • Never mind 'can I take my coat off first' just sign the bloody form, and tidy up this office.
  • SA - So Elan, what we have here at Charlton is a buddying system for all the new boys. we put you with a senior player who will act as your mentor. Let's go find Simon Church.
    EA - Oh you c***!
  • SA - Here at Charlton Athletic we pride ourselves in our Academy and the growing list of young players we have nurtured through our ranks who are now achieving their dreams in our first team or in the first teams of some of the best and most prestigious teams in the country and around the world. Now Elan, can you shift all these boxes as this place is looking a complete tip?
    EA - Que?
  • Some great stuff here. Why so much funnier than official thread?
  • I have no idea who you are sonny jim - write your name down here and I will go and google you.
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