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Maybe this doesn't deserve its own thread..

Im currently walking out of the Valley and i must say .. I'm so proud of that 2nd half performance from our boys, They was simply outstanding and to see every one of them players give everything they had for this club, was so refreshing and truly felt like we had our Charlton back, we deserved to win that game 5-1 in 45 mins and i must say George was fantastic today!

Well done to the fans today as well, when we lost Callum he was replaced by our crowd who were excellent so well done to you all!

Well done bob as well, excellent tactics and subs to get us into that game.

THANK YOU CHARLTON for making me walk away so proud and happy of this club and group of players !



  • Was following game on Twitter. Must admit reading all the tweets and comments it sounds like we were dominant and deserved the 3 points. Tucudean seemed to be impressing a lot of people today which is very encouraging to read.

    Well done Charlton.
  • Callum was sent off , so he's Harriott, not Callum !
  • completely dominated the 2nd half today

    they all played for the badge today and gave it there all

    well done boys
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    Crazy how today felt like a win, but the Draw against Blackpool almost felt like a defeat.
  • Definitely deserves its own thread... After the Blackpool last minute equaliser and Blackburn defeat there has been too much doom and gloom around the place (Especially if the players do come on here)... If they do read these posts - Well done lads, best 10-man performance I've ever seen from a Charlton side
  • I was trying to read the match thread but the negativity got to me so I had to quit it. For a while I thought we had shed that mentality that permeated through the club for a few years, but I think it's still there, just waiting for an excuse to kick in again. Glad to read this one though.
  • Crazy how today felt like a win, but the Draw against Blackpool almost felt like a defeat.

    I have found in life that it often feels better to come from behind.
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