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Is BP To RD What AP Is/Was to MA?

Mike Ashley wants a puppet who will take the flack for Newcastle being, in Premier League terms, a selling Club. Ashley really isn't bothered how successful Newcastle are as long as they don't go down. And he isn't prepared to dip into his pocket to take the Club to the next level.

So, is that how RD sees the Club and why our two previous managers couldn't work with him?

So what happens if say Derby or Ipswich come knocking for say Gudmundsson in January? How convinced are we that RD wouldn't sell and BP wouldn't just accept it? And what percentage of that money would be spent on reinforcements? And by reinforcements I don't mean players who have struggled to hold down a regular place in the Turkish third division or so injury prone lasting the warm up is a big ask.


  • Is the title one of those 7 W of the W thingies ?
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    Other parallels, allegedly neither get to choose their own players. Both have only two strikers costing a fee. Or was GT free? Both chairmen considered "foreigners" who don't understand club's ethos.

  • So, is that how RD sees the Club and why our two previous managers couldn't work with him?

    Except Riga did want to work with him..........
  • All signs seem to point to Riga
  • What a pointless post....
  • I'll have a P please Bob.
  • What a pointless post....

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  • Don't we have a member on here with the same name as this thread title?...:P
  • Reminds me of my maths o level.
  • I got confused by the title. I was actually optimistic that Andi Peters might be coming in as chief puppet then :(
  • I think the answer is 3b(x+y) + 2a
    That seems to balance both the Force and the Dark side satisfactorily :-)
  • #BringBackRiga
  • Don't forget to apply bidmas.
  • i have mentioned before that we are the newcastle of the south

    we could be blackpool though so that would make BP is to RD as LC is to KO ...admittedly LC is a less constant factor but i dont have the maths to express that though
  • I thought Newcastle were the Spurs of the North?
  • My head hurts :(
  • Would you really want to manage us at the moment? A bench with an average age of 19 and not one player sitting there who has an assist to his name for us let alone a goal says it all.

    This transfer window will demonstrate just how much influence BP has on his squad.
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  • Well he had very little influence. And neither will the next man. He will be Head Coach and the commodity commonly known as a footballer will be bought, sold and loaned by RD's henchmen/woman.
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