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Cannot log in on mobile

I've gone onto the mobile site on my phone (iPhone 5S, Safari, iOS 8.1.2) and for some reason I am signed out.

I have gone to log back in and it comes up with 'Service Unavailable. XID: 1964899215. Varnish Cache Server.'

As you can see it is working fine on desktop. When going to the bottom of the mobile site to click 'full site' it just refreshes the mobile site.

I've tagged @AFKABartram‌ and @LoOkOuT‌ in case they don't see this thread.


  • Do you have anything that has modified your proxy settings, such as adblock? Sometimes they need to be changed back to original settings, then log in here, then change settings again.
  • have you tried deleting your cookies / history, and trying again Ross ?
  • Turn it off turn it back on, text ctrl alt delete to Apple, then throw the phone in the bin, get an Android phone and use Chrome
  • mine is the same on the iPhone 6
  • edited January 2015

    have you tried deleting your cookies / history, and trying again Ross ?

    Done, with no change.

    However, as you can see, @robroy‌ above has the same issue.
  • Have you tried turning it off and on again? (:
  • All working okay now.
  • I had this issue for ages in the past but has recently started working again.
  • This sometimes happens to me when my phone is either on 3 or 4G. Always okay with wifi though. I just turn it off and on again. Doesn't always work straight away. Sorry for giving 'that' answer as well.....
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