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Just watching Smileys People on BBC4

Great Shot of him coming out of the Blackwall Tunnel in the late 70's with our industrial heritage in the background rather than retail parks and flats.

Nice shots of him parking up in Woolwich with active docks in the background.

How things have changed since I were a boy....


  • I love spotting parts of London in old films and TV programmes too. It is amazing how many bomb sites there were still only 30 years ago.
    Minder and The Sweeney were always good for this as they were both shot purley on location rather than in studios. Monty Pythons "film" parts through up some too.
  • I recall a large part of Greenwich town centre where the cinema now is being a bomb site, then we (locals) built Burney street gardens on a large part of it, most of which was absorbed the old peoples home. I recall bonfires and fireworks on that site, disgrace really that the council didn't do anything with it for so long.
  • I say get rid of these manufactured plastic playgrounds and bring back the good old bomb sites...that will stop the kids of today taking drugs, shooting and stabbing people. Law and order will be restored in two weeks!

    Vote Solid for London Mayor.
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