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Luzon expects 'two or three' new Charlton signings:



  • I really can only think of one maybe two transfer windows when that smug warm glow of satisfaction rang around us Charlton supporters in my lifetime. Normally its agonising maybes, piffle, waffle and the certain knowledge of disappointment when the fenetre is well and truly ferme. I refuse to entertain any hope of three decent signings... I do, honest... Nope I won't let it happen again!

    and usually it ends up with us losing players rather than gaining them on the last day.........Parker, Reid, Stephens, Kermorgant come to mind.
    Not forgetting the horrid little scouse tax dodger (allegedly)
  • vffvff
    edited January 2015

    I used to be excited about the transfer window, you know , that kind of feeling you got as a kid , when you couldn't wait for Christmas, at the moment it feels like Christmas is coming, but i know i'm going to get socks.

    It must because I am getting old, I actually like a decent pair of socks for a present. Especially those mountain walking bridgedale ones. I know what you mean though, in socks terms, Charlton are getting Primark specials.
  • One above his office and the other pointing to the gents! Don't be fooled.
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