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Back to the Valley spirit needed

We are in a little pickle at the moment. 11 I make it without a win? Obviously we ain't gonna be very high in many leagues. But as fans we all need to stick together and keep that spirit that got us back to the Valley all these years ago now. We never got back without believing it wouldn't happen. And we have to believe we can pull through this current rut. We had a good run at the start of the season and hopefully that can still count in our favour. We have to keep getting behind the lads on the pitch.


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    It isn't just the lads on the pitch that are the problem though, it's how the club is being run that is the main one. Before we just had to move our club back to its rightful home, now we need to shift RD.
  • Tough ask mate, geezers running the show in those days loved Charlton, the players appeared to as well, f""" this lot. Want my Charlton back.
  • I admire your optimism. I think the kind of spirit and enthusiasm has slowly been seeping away for a few years now.

    At the moment we are just a cog in a shit network.
  • It's all about how the club is being run what is ruining the support.
  • There is a big difference at the moment. Before in tough times we were driven by anger, fear, common purpose or however you describe it. At the moment we don't give a shit and that is much more dangerous. I'm finding it hard to care about my club as it doesn't feel like my club.
  • That spirit is needed to organize and drive Roland out, not to get behind his team. Support the club not his team.
  • After todays performance the spirit I need is a very large scotch....
  • I'm Charlton 'til I die, i'm Charlton 'til I die....and all that.
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Roland Out!