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Ketman friendly thread

South Africa are 47-5 against the convicts


  • Don't know who I wanted to win honestley. Doesn't matter now!

    I love cricket, it was the major part of my life from 12-26. I really though have very little interest in this ridiculous tournament.
    So Australia are in the final- shock! When is it played? Sometime in June?
    Why has it taken the ICC so bloody long to work out that the Aussies are the best team? It makes such a mockery of their rating system. SA World number one at ODI? Pah!

    I'd love Sri Lanka to win on Sunday. Despite their indiscretions that would not have been allowed in my day.
  • why the hell can't they play like 3 games in a day like any other world cup - its ridiculous that its dragged out for this long.
  • any one to win apart from the aussies. think sri lanka v aussies will be a good game.
  • South Africa all out 149.

    Easy for the Aussies I reckon.
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