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One final thing ahead of tomorrow....

Seeing the Upbeats walk stuff really taking off today has been fantastic, and the fundraising has been unbelievable, but please be aware that it will be worth considering getting to the ground earlier than normal just for once tomorrow.

From 13.30, the Upbeats will be taking part in a 3-team small tournie on the pitch with Fulham and QPR's Down's Syndrome teams. @BDL and Sky Sports Dickie Davies will be commentating on the games in their unique style. They'll be player interviews, video's on the big screen, presentations and undoubtedly some brilliant laps of honour.

The Community Trust's Upbeats programme is the largest Down's Syndrome football project in the country, and they really want to showcase this to the wider fanbase, and it will be equally fantastic that when these guys get to play in a proper stadium like The Valley, they'll be a crowd there to cheer them on.



  • As a matter of interest do Reading have a Downs team? Shame if they do that they could not be involved, as it would engage both sets of fans .... I emphasis this is not a criticism.
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    They did have, though I don't think it is still active. What's happening at Charlton tomorrow is the biggest event happening to mark DS Day. There is also a North London United team travelling to Newcastle to play at the training ground before watching Newcastle v Arsenal, and they are trying to launch a new programme in Peterboro before going to watch Peterboro v Chesterfield
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