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On this day Charlton 7 Cliftonville 3

Dunno if the museum has anything on this but apparently on March 20th 1933 we beat Cliftonville 7-3 at the Valley (I guess) in a friendly. Doing some writing with a Cliftonville fan at the minute on Northern Irish football and would be interested to know if anyone has any information on this. Cliftonville I think are Ireland's oldest football team.


  • Might be something in the Bible sometimes known as Home And Away by the late great Colin Cameron.

    I am at work at present but will endeavour to look when I get home.
  • Okay cheers Len. I keep meaning to purchase a copy from @Airman Brown for myself!
  • Available from the museum.
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    20.3.1933 Charlton Reserves 7 (Black 2, Harbot 2, Doherty, Yardley, Morris) Cliftonville 3 (Cooke, Millar, Over)
  • Cheers Shirty, it was even the reserves beat them! not sure that would happen today though.
  • Just to provide a bit of context here the league records of the players I believe scored the goals. Can't be 100% sure because only surnames are given and it was the reserves, so it's possible there could have been reserve played with the same name who didn't make the grade. But I'd think these are a pretty good bet:

    James BLACK: St. Johnstone, Cowdenbeath, CHARLTON ATH. 31 (3), Burton Town, Aldershot 32 (3), Cheltenham T.
    James HARBOT: Royal Marines, Gillingham 2 (1), CHARLTON ATH. 1 (1), Barrow 23, Stoke City 1, Torquay Utd. 15, Chorley.
    John DOHERTY: Cliftonville, CHARLTON ATH. 8.
    James YARDLEY: Overton Rangers, Wishaw, Clapton Orient, Luton Town 173 (77), CHARLTON ATH. 51 (26) Millwall 76 (24), Third Lanark, Ayr Utd., Morton.
    Sam MORRIS: Prescot Cables, Sunderland 59, CHARLTON ATH. 12, Chester 5, Bath City.
  • Cheers Stig - the connection then might have been this guy John Doherty who played for both Charlton and Cliftonville?
  • Yep - just checked it out - here's John Doherty's career stats
  • Can't find any records online of his time at Charlton though.
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