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Quiz questions from last night's thrashing of Derby Co.

The mighty CAFC quiz team routed a slightly depleted Derby side (OK there was only two of them and six of us) last night at the Valley.

1. Who were the last team to win the FA cup that didn't come from London, Liverpool or Manchester?

2. Name the 13 players who played for Holland in the 1978 world cup final v Argentina

3. Who won division one in the following years 1969, 1980 and 1991

No googling allowed


  • 1) Coventry '87?
  • 3) 1991 - Arsenal, 1980 -Villa 1969 City???
  • all guesses
    1. coventry
    2. willie & rene van der keirkoff, ari hahn, rudi krol, johan neeskens, johan cruyff, arnold muhren, franz thiesen (all sp)
    3.everton, villa, leeds
  • Coventry is correct as it Arsenal in '91

    willie & rene van der keirkoff, ari hahn, rudi krol, johan neeskens all correct.

    johan cruyff boycotted the tournament to protest against the Junta in Argentina. Neither arnold muhren, franz thiesen were in the squad (we guessed Muhren as well.)

    8 to get
  • 1980 must have been Liverpool then.
  • edited April 2007
    Holland 1978 - I remember the odd goalkeeper Jongblood and they had a decent winger Rensenbrink. The bloke who scored the goal in the final was Nanninga - poor spelling I know !
  • 1980 was liverpool

    Jongbloed was the keeper, and Rensenbrink played. Nanninga was a sub but scored the goal as you said.

    5 to get, two I actually heard of (one with a short name and another who I think managed Celtic ) and three I haven't.
  • Johnny Rep - struggling after that !
  • Yep, Rep!

    Wim Jensen, poortvliet, brandts,suurbier were the others
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