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U18s set for title (ed. Champions)



  • Four minutes added time. Still only one goal in it.
  • Anyone else having trouble with the sound? Sounds like my speakers have been dropped down the toilet, shaken dry and plugged back in.........
  • It's coming...........
  • We won!!!!
  • well done lads
  • Yippie eye oh
  • Poor in the 2nd half but delighted the lads won it after their storming end to the season.
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  • We've won!

    What exactly have we won???
  • Well done to the boys, reasonable first half awful second half but somehow they held on!

    Zane Westbrook (Brentford) MOM by far, ran the game!
  • Took the lead after 6 minutes and held onto it for over 90 more (including stoppage time).
  • Congratulations to U18s.
  • How are we national champions based on that second half showing I'll never know! Congrats boys, but the long season really seemed to take its toll, hope they all work on their fitness for next season
  • Only managed to catch the last few minutes and looked like we were hanging on, but the lads on the Brentford commentary said we thoroughly deserved 1st half lead.

    Obviously hung on for grim death in the 2nd, but I think that's a great win and well warranted after the season the lads have had, the brilliant run-in and the fact we'd already done the Bees in the League anyway!! COYYR!!! :smiley:
  • Well done the boys.
  • Cracking seeing them get the trophy
  • Well, that was like watching Charlton the last 40 years!!!! You can take tradition too far you know lads, does it have to be squeeky bum time EVERY time?

    Well done. Championes (as someone has said, of what?)
  • Good to see that they struggled to get the 2nd Champagne bottle open and gave up...they are U18s after all and wouldn't want to think they were already used to the Cristal!!! :smiley:
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  • Congratulations to the lads.
  • Well done lads, now Roland needs to pay the money and get eliete status for the academy
  • National Youth League 2 Champions.

    So we won the league for clubs that aren't cat 1 academies.
  • Aren't palace cat 1 academy though sure they were?

    On way back now, not the best performance but champs!
  • Enjoyed that, lovely couple of pints on two of the four corners before the game too.

    Umerah & Hanlan look like prospects up front - add KAG to that list and we have some exciting strikers coming through.

    Konsa was really good all game at CB.

    Congrats to the lads, how good is our youth set up ? U18 national champions and our u21's Kent Cup winners.

    That's the official last game of the season for me.
  • We could barely string two passes together in 2nd half, resorting to the hoof time and again. Our front three looked dangerous and Konza looks decent, possibly our best player. Mitov also solid and some good saves. Not sure about the rest though.
  • Just back. Thoroughly enjoyable, attendance 656 with a decent share of Addicks fans. Easily the best team first half, Brentford gave it a go second half but we were good defensively and threatened on occasion.
    The team listed above for us is wrong for all the stattos out there, Yao didn't play, and Konsa was partnered at the back by Sevdar Bokciu.
    Ezri Konsa was our best player, but once again a good team effort saw us through, the goal was a beauty I might add (hard luck Fanny!!).
    Apologies to Pico of this parish who I persuaded to join me at the end we attacked second half, and he got neck strain looking the other way as we defended. My fault mate, take it out of those golf balls tomorrow!
    As most interested people watched the stream I need say no more, but it was a nice way to end the season.
  • Who was number 5 then? Was surprised he was captain when I've heard our rb has been skipper last few games? Thought both centre backs played very well, konsa stand out for me.
    Edwards played awesome again, what a prospect, definitely in the solly mould.
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