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Patrick Collins at Bromley Addicks on 20 May

Life long fan, respected journalist and a critic of the current regime at various times.

Should be a good meeting to end our stay at the Conservative Club. We're looking at other venues for next season.

Bromley Conservative Club 27 Elmfield Rd , Bromley BR1 1LZ, just a few minutes walk from Bromley South Station.

We start at 8 pm but you can arrive before as the bar is open from about 5pm

There is plenty of free parking right outside.

Members only but if you sign up on the night your membership will carry over to next season.

Richard Murray is usually our guest in May but it was too close to Katrien's visit in March so we'll do it next season.



  • Should be an interesting evening.
  • Hope so.

    Something a bit different and a chance to reflect on the season gone and look forward to next year.
  • great guest, will be an interesting read after, be good if he is asked on why there wasnt the media support to state our plight under TJ and MS
  • texts will do or tweets as i am now a modern guy with technology according to my IT guy, even internet banking now days h
  • Yep, saw your twitter account. I even followed you.
  • Good work Bromley people getting Mr Collins, A great writer and even lovelier person.
  • now to work out how to use it and why apparently I need it
  • Agree with the comments on paddy genuinely nice fella from what I have read and heard
  • Look forward to seeing as many as possible at our last ever meeting at the Bromley Conservative Club.

    It's being knocked down and we're homeless again.
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  • The Fanackapans hope to be there, Henry.
  • The Fanackapans hope to be there, Henry.

    glad to hear it
  • Anyone else coming along?
  • Oh, go on then.
  • thanks, I know it's a long way for you to come.
  • All set for tomorrow
  • Now on OS
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  • Would have come, but I do have a decent excuse, my son is playing at the Valley tonight......
    Being the sad individual I am I could not either resist posting that, or going along to see one of my lads at my club.

    Can't believe you have put that before Bromley Addicks Ken ;-)
  • Would have come, but I do have a decent excuse, my son is playing at the Valley tonight...... .

    Looks like the Bromley Addicks gag will be going unused tonight :-)

  • Well, watching one of your sons slotting home a hat trick at the Valley, and albeit in a 'tin pot cup' at the Valley, had the edge for me over the Bromley Addicks meeting.They lost in the final on penalties5-4.
  • Agree with Henry , one of our best guests and a great way to sign off at the Con Club. The framed picture was for Graham Rogers who let us use the club.
  • Lovely gesture, but lets hope he does not put it on the Conservative Club wall.
  • edited May 2015
    Patrick Collins who is one of our own, was a superb guest, who had
    Fantastic stories to tell and answered some searching Paxman type questions with aplomb.
    From Charlton to the Isles of Scilly.(to interview Brian Clough on holiday)
    From Alan Pardew to Jake LaMotta. (guess which one was his favourite)
    From the horrors of Munich 1972 Olympics to the sheer joy of London 2014.
    From The giant that was Seve Ballesteros, to the Midget that is Bernie Ecclestone

    No subject was sacrosanct,
    A great night to be an adult who loves sport and a few cold Lagers, and to hear about the individual idiosyncrasy of sports people.

    There have been some great guests at Bromley this season, but you kept the best to last.
  • Greatly entertaining evening, well done Bromley organisers. Patrick came across as a very humble man with real 'Charlton' values, his take on FIFA, Premier league and Chelsea FC- among other things, connected with my thoughts.

    I would have stayed for another 2 hours listening to his fund of stories, Sam Bartram at Wembley - hilarious.
  • Agree with the above, another enjoyable evening.
  • Totally agree with all that has been said, it was a really enjoyable evening. The time just flew by.
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