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Birmingham away fancy dress

Hi all,

I've got my ticket to St Andrews and since it's our last away game of the season (and I'm shamelessly being inspired by Harlepool here!) I'm trying to get people to come along in fancy dress!

I've put a post on Twitter using #CAFCFancyDress that's doing the rounds and has been retweeted by the club, Dave Berry and a few others - it'd be good to get the message out to as many as possible so that the away end will be even more fun than usual!

This will go one of two ways: 1) Loads of people will like the idea and will turn up with good costumes, beach balls, etc; or 2) My 4 mates and I will be the only 5 in the whole place dressed up! For obvious reasons I'm hoping it's not the latter!

See you all there - I'll be the (hopefully not only) one in the horrible Hawaiian shirt!


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