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West ham escape

points deduction, but hit with a heavy fine.
dam it!


  • suprise suprise.
  • [cite]Posted By: luckyred[/cite]points deduction, but hit with a heavy fine.
    dam it!

    What an effin surprise!

    The decision was made by an independent board? Independent from the FA? What's the point of that? If they can't apply their own rules then who can?
  • I may have mis-read the article, but have they been fined £5.5 million?
  • Absolutely pathetic.

    How can a fine by worthy of £5.5m yet not be worth a single deduction ????

    Joke decision, Joke Administators.

    Football is more bent than horse racing....
  • someone on the KUMB West Ham site just asked if they could give them Boa Morte and the £500k - haha
  • They just said on ssn, because west ham pleaded guilty thats why they didnt get deducted.
    What a joke!
  • Clever decision to wash their hands of the decision though. If West ham stay up and the legal sh1t hits the fan it's going to be hard to sue the FA. BTW where does this money go, surely not into the coffers of our cash strapped FA?

    Stitch up.

  • Totally agree with all of the above-especially the massive fine but no points bit!

    Feel that i should be angry but totally expected this anyway. maybe i'm just getting more cynical in my [/middle agei]

    Fing joke tho!
  • Does that mean AFC Wimbledon will have their points deduction wiped out then?

    Totally disgusting. One rule for one totally different rule for another.

    How much do you think they would have been fined if they didn't have the egg in charge?
  • Absolute joke.

    I just so hope they go down.
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  • £5.5m = half their parachute payment or a sixth of the premier league minimim payment.

    Gopsmacked. Expected the nil points but thought it would be £200 -300k fine.

    Re-arrange these words to describe the FA - of, bunch, bottlers
  • they should have set out punishments and fines, to avoid the obvious favouritism arguments
  • Do they have the chance to appeal if they pleaded guilty?

    If so, then its not likely to be a fine of anywhere near £5.5m either.
  • i really hope if they do survive by the odd point, that whoever is relegated, clubs and fans, do not just lie down and take this.

    you fine someone 5.5m then they are obviously bang to rights. A similar authority wanted to dock Wimbledon 12 points for a minor administrative error.

    Not only that, its given West Ham a massive, massive boost going into a crucial game.
  • What's 5.5m to them? Nothing, peanuts - just as it is to Chelsea etc...

    If that money is going to the FA, then it's as good as a bribe payment
  • Would the points have taken affect this season or next though?
  • Have faith people....Karma will ensure that justice prevails anyway & the hamsters are relegated.
  • So, West Ham could have been innocent -but weren't.
    They could have points deducted - but weren't.
    Tevez contract could have been cancelled today- but wasn't.
    The FA could have done this months ago - but didn't.
    West Ham could be relegated - ?
  • It is a copout noone wanted to be the bad guys and relegate them. If they were down or all but down then they would have been deducted points.
  • so what happens to Tevez ?

    Can he continue playing ? Is his contract terminated ?
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  • Tevez can't play tomorrow
  • [cite]Posted By: CharltonDan[/cite]Would the points have taken affect this season or next though?

    this season I'm sure as isn't it the Premier League who charged them and therefore cannot dictate to the Football League ?, I may be completely wrong there !!
  • why not?
  • They can't get him ownership sorted for tomorrow, but that just proves what a crock of shit this whole thing is, if it was ok for him to play against Everton, why can't he play tomorrow then?
  • ok, we want them to win tomorrow though don't we? And lose the rest? I dunno..
  • explain...
  • They could have been docked three points. That makes it about £1.83m per point.

    A Bargain if you ask me.
  • Thinking about this and just speculating as I don't know any facts I wonder if the £5.5m is not a random number but based on some sort of profit or benefit that West Ham recieved from MSI for "fostering" the two players.
  • The 5.5 was made up from 2.5 for the registration offence and 3 for the 'lying' offence. Still seems cheap.

    Perhaps we could put the money up to buy the points lost to Fulham! (As if......)
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