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STATBANK - Charlton Athletic 2-1 Leeds United

Many thanks to the 86 Lifers who gave marks, here are the averages:

Berg Gudmundsson-- 7.95 MoM
Henderson----------- 7.89
Buyens--------------- 7.44
Gomez--------------- 7.18
Watt----------------- 6.79
Cousins-------------- 6.73
Bulot---------------- 6.68
Ben Haim------------- 6.50
Solly----------------- 6.44
Fox------------------ 6.29
Vetokele-------------- 5.86
Eagles---------------- 5.57
Team 6.78

more stats here:



  • It would be interesting to see the Opta stats for Leeds, because I thought that they outplayed us for long periods. Are these readily available anywhere?
  • danny - try, it's all there
  • Interesting that JBG has got Statbank Man of the Match on 8 occasions, but is only 6th in the averages table, whilst Henderson has been MoM only 3 times but tops the averages table. I guess it's partly due to Henderson missing a big chunk of games, and partly down to JBG having a few stinkers 3.74, 4.98, 5.02 whilst Henderson's lowest is 5.92
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