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Charlton Life End of Season Thanks - 14/15

Apologies for the belatedness of this message but had difficult couple of weeks.

Before everyone heads off for some summer luvin, I just wanted to publicly state some appreciation for a number of people who go out of their way to do some fantastic stuff for the benefit of all the other users of this site.

@shirty5 has run the Predictions League for a number of years now and continues to do it so efficiently, for what is a gruelling, and often thankless task. Congratulations @
on winning, and I’ll be in touch in the next couple of days with regards to your winnings. Thanks also to @thai malaysia addick for running the associated cup competition, and also for organsing (and sponsoring) the annual opening fixture competition which saw @Badger and @
both £100 better off and the Upbeats benefitting a further £700.

Equally on the efficiency and commitment stakes, @lancashire lad has once again continued to plough through nearly 32,000 player marks across the season and helps the site provide a fantastic, quality statistical output. We’ll hopefully have the Annual Statbank out for publication next week.

On the match previews, I’m very sad to learn @StubleyAddick is packing his felt tips away. Young Stubbers has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, not only does he produce excellent previews but he has always been incredibly reliable, which is so important. We’ll miss your regular inputs pal. Fortunately, the Preview Wing at CL Towers has been boosted by the arrival this season of @ForeverAddickted. His shirt’s hanging out, his laces are undone and he’s got snot all down his sleeve, but he’s been a welcome addition and been a big help with the previews.

@Redmidland (ably assisted by others) continue to do a fantastic job with the Match Threads. As most of you know it’s been a particularly difficult year for RedM. We all have our sympathy with him, none of us would want to work in Milton Keynes :-) Seriously, it’s great to have you back on board and good luck with your continued recover. Many thanks to others who stepped up during his absence and helped keep things ticking over.

Once again, @Curb_It has done an ace job with the Shirt sponsorship (and thanks to Suzi when Curb It was larging it in overseas shores). We once again managed to sponsor five players which is amazing, congratulations to all the winners. Finally, thanks to those that help on the moderation side, another thankless task. Particularly @Stig who has helped out with a number of other things.

Apologies for rambling, but a couple of final points:

1. Not everything has been ideal over the past year and certain changes will be made this summer, but thanks once again to all of you who continue contribute to CL and engage positively to the community. If anyone has the interest to get ‘more involved’, or has any potential ideas for ‘things’, then please drop me an Inbox

2. We further strengthened our association with the Upbeats by primary leading a real donation drive surrounding the Sponsored Walk. Our members played a huge part in that being so successful, and it was a pleasure to participate in the walk and to see so many CL members contribute to that great scheme.

3. Finally, sadly we lost a really popular poster at the turn of the year. RIP March51. You will always be remembered by this community.

Have a nice summer everyone
AFKA & Lookout


  • Good stuff AFKA and happy summer to you.
  • Oooo I got a mention :) - Have a Happy Summer everyone
  • I agree with Davo55. Without this forum there are times when I'd be lost.
    Many thanks to all who make it so engrossing.
  • Dan, the feeling is mutual. Loved every minute of it. Shame my workload will just be too heavy next year.

    Thanks for all your help in the process and I have no doubt that FA, will be as good next year as this.

    Thanks to the pair of you for the running of this site. It really is a brilliant forum.
  • I'm more of a lurker than a contributor but I get on here daily to see whats going on. Thanks very much for putting it together guys (and girls)
  • Thanks to everyone for their hard work on this site!
  • Stig said:

    Thanks for running the best website in football!

    This :smiley:
  • I love this site, thanks to all the mods, and to all who contribute.
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    Thanks you inglorious basterds.

    I love this site most of the time. Other times it's full of Popcorn moments.
  • Best forum there is - thanks
  • Thanks all.

    Special mention for the CharltonLife new word of the year "CockWomble"
  • Thanks to all the Mods and contributors. Here are some images to show my appreciation

  • Thanks all
  • Thanks all. Well done. I spend way to much time on here.
  • edited May 2015
  • edited May 2015
  • Thanks and well done.
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  • Thanks to AFKA and Lookout and all the people who have put in sterling work to
    make CL become a bundle of energy which fans of other clubs like to join and contribute, so much so there a waiting list longer than the MCC.
    Charlton Life has Pathos,Kudos and Athos,
    Yes we cross swords sometimes but the deep love and Respect we have for each other will always win out ? Even when some CL members come over all potty mouth and get on their soapbox :blush:
  • Thanks to all for all their unremitting hard graft on CL - most of it unseen - which contributes to such an excellent site. It certainly enriches the overall experience of being a Charlton supporter and is particularly important given the media obsession with the Premier League.
  • Great site which I spend too long on! My thanks to all those involved.
  • Fanks from Fanny.

  • Thanks to all. This is my favourite website and I know it takes great commitment. But it's more than a football message board it is a community and I was honoured to be part of the walk for the Upbeats,
    Have a good summer.
  • Great site which I spend too long on! My thanks to all those involved.

    Me to...but there is so much crap on the TV I know what I'd rather do for a relaxing 1/2 hour or so.
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    It's all been said but thank you anyway.
  • Many thanks to the back-room guys who make it all possible, really appreciated. However, you should bear some of the blame for the UK's low record on worker productivity.
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