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Should league cups be scrapped?

Countries in UEFA that have league cups:
N. Ireland

What is the purpose of league cups (other than to bring in a little extra revenue but also more travel costs)? They serve to allow the possibility of having players injured or tired, and they clog up the calendar with needless fixtures. Should they be discarded?


  • Don't care, and why worry about something over which you have no influence anyway.
  • He's expressing an opinion or just throwing out a discussion topic.

    Most of us on here have no influence but it's a free world and we can have an opinion.
  • No, it's another chance for small teams to draw a big team, the early rounds are now regionalised and also gives clubs with less pressure to ease through youngsters to give them a experience of first team football.
  • It does not matter to Charlton as we go out at the first round any way
  • No - chance to play at Wembley and in Europe for a mid-table team.
  • The purpose of sport is to entertain (in the case of professionals) and for enjoyment (in the case of amateurs). The idea is competition, and to win that competition. The thought that any competition is a "waste of time" is a recent phenomenon brought about by the possibility of making oodles of money by failing - e.g. - being the fourth best team and still gaining a place in the "champions" league and raking in loads of cash. To win a League cup, JPT or Kent cup will always be more important to me than being fourth best.

    I am not saying I would not like to see Charlton on the European stage, but if I were an Arsenal follower, last year's FA cup win would have been far more significant to me than lagging behind Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea.
  • I'd rather be 4th than win the Kent cup
  • I'd rather be 4th than win the Kent cup

    You miss my point - if you enter a competition the point is to win it.
  • I'd rather be 4th than win the Kent cup

    You miss my point - if you enter a competition the point is to win it.
    On that basis scarp most of the Premier League and FA Cup.

    Its a chance for clubs to compete with others of different levels and get to Wembley for a few. the idea of big club fixture congestion is laughable with the resources they have and size of squads, compared to the number of games teams played in the pre premier days.

    maybe if it really is a big problem for the big clubs then anyone playing in Europe does not play in League Cup - see how the fans of Spurs prefer a Europa league semi against Fiorentina to a League Cup semi v Liverpool.
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