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A Date For The Diary - Saturday 28th May 2016

Just in case , this season could be our season DON'T book a holiday for 28th May 2016 , in case we make the playoffs final at Wembley (We live in hope) :-0
For some reason the Football League have the playoffs listed on their website as being on a Saturday, i thought they always had it on a Bank Holiday Monday?

My Dad godbless him, made the misfortune of missing our Playoffs win in May 1998 as he'd already booked a holiday in Florida, upon ringing him up to tell him we'd been promoted he promptly celebrated by diving into the hotel pool.


  • It'll be because of the Euros...

    These days because so many players in the Championship go to the Euros / World Cup, this playoff final is held first so that the players have adequate time to rest before being called up by their National side
  • I remember a call to Mark Mansfield on RTM about this in the weeks after the game where people were calling in with their stories from the day
  • edited May 2015
    The eternal optimist in me thinks that this could be our year , and i should be booking a hotel in the Wembley area , the pessimist in me says we'll be swimming with the fishes (and lions) down in League one.

    Surely team wise , we're in a better place than 12 months ago?
  • My earlier post isn't clear, was referring to the jumping into the pool in Florida after hearing the 1998 Play off result
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