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Dulwich Hamlet, "Old skool Mishi for a 21st century Hamlet"

Evening all.
Sorry, on a small mobile thingy, so hope my fat fingers don't make to many mistakes.
A very good friend of mine, who helped me a hell of a lot over the last few years, is trying to get Dulwich Hamlet running as a football club.
He's on a list of people who want to be elected.....

I'm no good with words, so, please, if you're on Facebook go to the site in the title of this thread.
Over 40 years DH have been his team, genuinely.
Hopefully (sir) Henry Irving with concur with this.



  • Mishi is a good man and Hamlet to the core. Used to watch me in rain and shine as a youth player when I wore the famous pink and blue stripes.
    Will check the site out.
  • I know of this chap. My dad used to take me to Dulwich when I was younger and Charlton were away and we weren't going. I remember being at Dulwich and we found Leaburn had scored the hat trick at Ipswich.

    From what I remember of him this guy is a big character on the terraces of Champion Hill. Good to hear he's still going strong
  • Congratulations Dulwich Hamlet and Mishi.
    Top work fella.
  • Well done Dulwich Hamlet and Mishi, top work fella.

    At Stamford Bridge with the Football Foundation Community Club of the Year award for 2015/16 at the National Game Awards, organised by the Non League Paper on Wednesday. So proud to have picked it up on behalf of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club!
    Thank to Sam Elliott & all at the paper for making it such a special 'once-in-a-lifetime' day.

  • Non League paper, today.
  • edited December 2019
    I'm very sorry to say that Mishi died this morning. 

    He'd been in poor health since having a heart attack last year, and he had another heart attack - I think last week - at the funeral of another Dulwich fan. As I understand it, he'd been seriously ill in King's College Hospital since then. I know a few people at Charlton knew him, more will have done after he came to the museum during the summer - an experience he absolutely loved, despite his league allegiances leaning towards Millwall.

    Mishi was an awkward so-and-so and proud of it, but he did loads for his club - especially getting them re-established in the community when the crowds started to soar. Dulwich Hamlet - and non-league football in London - won't be the same without him.

  • An absolutely devoted Dulwich Hamlet fan. he was interviewed when their FA Cup game was televised. Always infomative and enthusiastic when talking of anything DHFC on their forum.
    He is somebody who will be sorely missed.
  • How sad. Have seen him at Dulwich a few times. 
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  • RIP - sorry for your loss @Miserableoldgit
  • There'll be a few going to the clubhouse tonight to pay their respects at the place he loved.
  • Very sad news, I met him just a few times at Dulwich where he was huge part of the club and when he came to our museum, he was so complimentary. 

    He was the sort of person non-league football thrives on and as others have said Champion Hill wont be the same without him. 
  • Met Mishi in the 1980s at FSA meetings. Sorry to hear he has died. Great character.
  • Dulwich are my non-league team so I been to Champion Hill a lot. Know Mishi personally through playing for the supporters team, bit of a Hamlet legend and very sorry to hear of his passing. RIP Mishi
  • Sad news, RIP Mishi. 

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  • Funeral details:

    Understand Mishi's carriage will be at the ground for about half-an-hour from 2.45pm.
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