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Fixing puncture with a contomobility kit (last resort only)

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Managed to get a puncture, anyone know if i need to completely deflate the tyre before using one of those contimobility kits?



  • I dont know but looking at the big picture the left of the box it appears not.
  • It's ok if it's only flat at the bottom of the tyre.
  • When I used the kit on my mother-in-laws car I deflated the tyre completely. Was much easier to sort out from flat. Had a nightmare on our old motor when I tried it with air still in the tyre.
  • Put the spare on otherwise you might not be able to get the puncture repaired properly with the stuff in it
  • No spare.. Luckily I'm at home. Rang landrover assist, and as someone just said better not to use the kit except in dire emergency as it fks the tyre.. Despite advice from the dealer service earlier today to use the kit.. Honestly life is sent to try us...
  • Those systems trash the wheel making it undesirable. I carry some Holt's tyre weld as well because that not so gloopy.
  • Went in aid of the Mrs once she didn't have a spare ( the car didn't come with one).Pile of crap fucked the tyre didn't fix the hole Had to call the AA couldnt get there truck in the multi storey at Hastings. Ended up buying a new spare,and of coarse it was my fault
  • I usually use a spoon and lots of swearing.
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