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Foo Fighters cancel remainder of European tour incl. Wembley Stadium dates and Glastonbury slot.

After Dave Grohl's leg break, he's been advised to take an indefinite break from touring.


  • Inevitable, but gutted to miss out on Friday's gig.

  • Can't blame them. I was going Saturday.
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    I had tickets to both days. Devestated. Hopefully they will reschedule them next year.
  • I'm going to Glastonbury the day they were playing , quite gutted they won't be . They best not replaced them with someone shite like Clean Bandit.
  • Gutted was going Friday, will probably reschedule for when we are playing
  • Must be a tough year for Glastonbury, the Who is already a replacement as it is. Now they're going to have to find another, or bump Florence and the Machine to headliner.
  • The who are not a replacement though and a new headliner will be announced hopefully its Blur but Foo fighters will be around for many years he will get his chance to play the pyramid.
  • Glasto lineup looks weak this year imo
  • Seen them 3 times now . Once already at Wembley so not too devastated but gotta feel for Dave grohl and the fans that have paid the money . As for me at Glastonbury at least I can think about who else to see now maybe rudimental or if another big name steps in who I like ill stay at the pyramid stage .
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  • its glasto still good lineup though has other smaller bands that make it good for me this year although im going to give kanye west a watch and see what he has in his locker
  • Hot Chip
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    Blur favourites to replace them at 4/1. Florence is 5/1 & the Stone Roses are at 6/1.

    Taylor Swift 8/1....
  • for the love of god please,not Taylor Swift
  • Replacement Foo Fighter drafted in...
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  • its Florence and the machine who are headlining now
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    Bloody typical. I was going Friday & as bolloxbolder says, they will possibly reschedule it, to clash with a good Charlton game.
    Never mind, I'm seeing Blur on Saturday, which could have been a bit of a blur after Friday.
    There should be an announcement this Friday.
  • really wanted to see Blur but the prices for the tickets was ridiculous and i saw arcade fire at Hyde Park last year they was great but the sound quality was awful.
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  • its Florence and the machine who are headlining now

    Pretty uninspiring choice for a Glastonbury headliner. Although they probably didn't have much choice!
  • I quite like Florence & co, but headline at Glastonbury?............nah
  • Still £68 to see Blur is pricy and Florence was going to headline now or in the future I think she will put on a performance but ye as Foo Fighters pulled out I think it was easier to ask Florence to headline than call other bands.
  • When Florence was on a couple of years ago it came across as indulgent chite, and she sang out of tune. I do recognise she has a good voice, and can deliver, but all this 'hello GLASTONBURY' bonding does not cover for any lack of effort and rigor in preparation and performance. For Florence to credibly headline, the performance needs to be spot on, and it certainly wasn't last time.

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    Anyone waiting for a Foo refund, for Wembley. Their site, says, should be refunded, starting Wednesday.
  • Our glorious leader had by his own admission until last week "never heard of Dave Grohl"
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