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must see TV

If you didn't catch it last night then I'd advise you to watch the repeat of Enforcers on ITV tonite. Programme about bailiffs who are instructed by the Court to obtained what's owed. I have no sympathy for those who buy something, blatantly avoid paying for it and then wonder why someone comes along and wants it back.

Worth watching just for the last 10 mins - squatter holed up in a disused pub........nutter or what ??


  • Was @Gumbo on it?
  • My most recent experience with bailiffs was when I worked at a company that managed pension assets. If you hold commercial property within a pension, then the pension manager 'owns' the property, at least in name. One of the businesses that was being run in such a property owed money and the bailiffs got involved. The bailiffs, for some reason, looked up who owned the building the business address was listed as, saw it was the pension company and came on over. They got past ground floor reception by deception and tailgated another employee into actual office area as it is swipe-card controlled. Once in, they found the most expensive thing they could grab, an 80-inch TV on the wall that plays Sky News on loop, and began to rip it off the wall. Needless to say this caused major aggravation amongst the higher ups. The rest of us thought it was hilarious.
  • Saw it last night - Have absolutely no sympathy with "serial" or "professional" squatters after dealing with them first hand. The damage they cause can run into thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands. Having to tell an octogenarian that her house had been trashed by people she thought of as friends was one of the worst things I have ever had to do.

    I suspect our friend last night has serious Mental Health issues.
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