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That poor 82 year old who lost her life.
Isn't it about time police helicopters came with marksmen?
He was left to roam for a 5 mins period prior to this barbaric incident.
How many times are villains lost after being tracked by helicopter?
Not necessarily a bullet, perhaps a form of tranquilliser, but just to hover and comment is fucking frustrating.
Whether it be something as serious as this, or someone escaping a robbery/murder/rape etc...

After what I have just witnessed on tonight's news, this ain't right.


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    The lady in question used to make me a cracking breakfast for several years on a Sunday after football if we had a 9 am kick off at home,

    To think that she endured that at the end of her time on earth is something I have trouble comprehending, I didn't recognise her name and it wasnt until they put her loving face on the TV that I realised,

    I lived on that road when I first moved here, I travel down it numerous times a week,

    The creature that done this was ill that is now blatantly obvious, but he should have been taken out as soon as it was understood that he had done what he did,

    He was allowed to be doing his madness in the very close vicinity of kids playing and what is a horrendous act could have been so much worse

    Rip and thank you
  • Massive failure of our Mental Health system and believe me I am usually a shoot the bastards on sight kind of guy in this sort of tragedy. Absolutely tragic, I have worked in this field and there are some seriously ill people out there roaming our streets.

    Breaks my heart that a fine old lady like that had to suffer that horror.

    God rest her.
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