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Patrick Macnee

Avengers star died today aged 93



  • I used to love The Avengers. RIP
  • Sad. A good age though. RIP
  • Used to love The Avengers, especially with Diana Rigg in the 60s. RIP Steed.
  • Very sad to hear this news. The Avengers was quality 1960's television that puts most of the modern chaff that supposed to entertain us to shame.

    Currently being re run nightly on the True Entertainment channel. Absolute quality, and I'm always amazed at how many actors that became household names appear in the series.

    RIP John Steed.
  • RIP Steed
  • RIP to the man in the bowler hat with the umbrella with a fair few uses.
  • Blimey didn't know he was still with us. Great innings Sir.

  • Good age RIP John Steed
  • Very sad. Loved him in the Avengers and in A View To A Kill with Roger Moore....
  • It's a sad day when Brendan O'Connell misses a chance to RIP in the first 5.

    RIP Mr Steed.
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  • Good innings! RIP Steed.
  • Don't look back in anger

    View to a kill.

  • Didn't realize he spent 40 years in California. Always enjoyed The Avengers. RIP mate
  • He was also in the Graf Spee film the Battle of the River Plate which is always on TCM, always loved the way he payed things in the Avengers never quite taking it seriously.
  • Loved The Avengers as a child. 93 is another great age. R.I.P. Patrick.
  • Noble Steed .. rest in peace
  • RIP - a real small screen legend.
  • RIP Sir, The Avengers was a great programme
  • Well played Patrick. 93. Fantastic. With an innings like that, Kent could use you. RIP.
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  • True Gent, did the narration at the start of "Battlestar Galatica" RIP
  • Shame, loved him in this is spinal tap.
  • Also in the Oasis video for don't look back in anger.
  • RIP Mr Macnee.
  • 93 !'d take that if i was offered it - wouldnt you ?!

    used to love The Avengers as a kid.

  • stonemuse said:

    Good age RIP John Steed

    Not for him it weren't

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