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Search option isnt working..

Maybe its me , but i've been trying for some weeks now, but everytime i use the Search option , it basically just hangs and eventually craps out with 503 Error.

Is it me?


  • Search using google.********
  • Yep. Won't work for me either!
  • It doesn't work for anyone at mo. We'll try and get it fixed this week
  • I am having problems with the search engine. Can't seem to find exactly what I want. I wanted to post about Lookman, but when I searched for Lookman, I get the name of hundreds of threads with his name, which is not what I wanted. Tried for Lookman Thread and still get the same as above. Can someone enlighten me please?
  • I can't really explain it very well, its not the easiest search engine to use.

    it would be great if we could "search threads" or "search users" or "search by date" or so on but I can imagine it would be too difficult to do. I've duplicated threads more times that I can wave a stick at!
  • Yes that is what I was trying to avoid duplicating threads and posts.
  • The search facility is crap. There is nothing we can do about it I'm afraid. It will give you some form of keyword search and respond in recent order, but it is not perfect.

    Best advice is if you are considering starting a new thread, if it is based on something 'current' flick on the first couple of pages of forum listings to see if there is a recent duplicate.

    If you want to start a thread about For example Steve Bruce getting the sack from Hull ((he hasn't), please don't type in Steve Bruce in the search and bump a 2007 thread relating to when he was Birmingham manager. Just start a new thread.

    If people start threads that we know there is already an existing one, a moderator will close and link to the existing one (don't take it to heart, it's only to avoid repetition).

  • I fully understand, just trying to avoid giving your moderators even more work than you already have. Thanks for the reply.
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  • Is this the same search facility that the club use for looking for players?
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