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Cardiff away(26th September) advance purchase COACH tickets

Train tickets have not been released so far. However, if anybody prefers coach travel you can book your seats now.

Megabus from Victoria on the 7.30 costs £1, and the 8.30 costs £5, journey time 3 3/4 hours.

On the way back you cannot make the 17.20 so you must travel on the 19.00 with National Express. this costs £10.

For anybody travelling with National Express DO NOT click yes to the pop up saving you £10 on future travel. It is some sort of scam.


  • Cheer for heads up. Booked onto 0730 bus. Staying over to enjoy England's victory over Wales that evening in rugby World Cup. I'm sure we'll be very popular after taking the points earlier in the day.
  • After we win the rugby our popularity will go through the proverbial roof
  • Did this last season on megabus gold and both journeys turned out to be about 3 hours. Would use them again.
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