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'Its the hope that kills you'

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Is a quote that ugly Baggie on the telly keeps banging on about, winding me up all year.

He's right though, isn't he ???


  • i think he is, hes battled with it in three of the last five seasons, one successfully and two unsuccessfully, and we think weve got it bad!!
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    It's a great line but it doesn't stand up to scrutiny. What would he rather have happen? Baggies failing to stay up instead of Palarse?

    Who would you rather be a supporter of?
    a) Watford - no hope from a long way out?
    b) West Ham - no hope but now got a hope may be not enough though?
    c) Charlton - not much hope, then hope, then not much hope again?

    I'd go b), c), and never a)

    "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

    A wise man he.
  • Back in August/Sept West Ham were expected to have a good season, they were in Europe, were coming off the back of a top ten finish in the EPL the previous year, the arrival of two Argentinian stars...they really should have been in the top ten all year. As it is they've just discovered their form and it might be too late, if they survive it'll mean having to win one of two matches against Bolton (chasing UEFA football) and Man U who might need the win themselves to secure the Premiership.

    As for us, realistically we expected a 17th/16th placed finish - and we were close to that, but the wrong side of safety.
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]Is a quote that ugly Baggie on the telly keeps banging on about, winding me up all year.

    He's right though, isn't he ???

    It's certainly one quote that has stuck in my mind since I heard it.

    What guts me more than anything about our impending relegation is that the collective media - A.Chiles included - will simply say 'good old Charlton - they came, they gave it a go, but they punched above their weight for nine seasons, thanks and goodbye.'

    There'll be nothing about what the club achieved in that time, how we beat the big boys over that time, how we did the double over Liverpool, how close we came to Europe and how magical some of our football was at times.

    But then who gives a flying one about the media anyway!
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