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Guys and girls, yes i know there is no block on the language you can use on here, but i've noticed its starting to creep in more over the last week or so. In fairness, we hadn't said anything in the guidelines that you couldn't.

We don't want this to be kindergarten in any way, but if you can get by without using it as much as possible, it would be appreciated. I've been editing a lot of stuff out recently and its a drain on my time. I'd add though that the quality of the posters is absolute spot on so far

cheers peeps


  • shut it you w****r.
  • LOL Curb_It

    (*note to self, remember you're at work and should not be laughing heartliy at the computer screen, spreadsheets are not that great*)
  • we've all been there mate, pretending you're deep in your work then burst out laughing for no reason !

    I'm not even replying to the foul mouthed, inner london wench....
  • Has she got a fake Gucci bag?
  • It is possible to have a language filter (I didn't realise you were editing them all AFKA!). I think I could do something. But in theory I'd rather have a community that decides what's acceptable etc. (but obviously not if we have to go round editing everything).

    Who are the potty mouths anyway???
  • Rather not see a language filter and would hope that we were all adult enough to know the limit. Some posts need a bit more colourful language than others.

    No to the nanny state!
  • Exactly, that's what I was trying to say:
    [cite] 1905:[/cite] Some posts need a bit more colourful language than others.
  • if it was my post about the journey home from boro using the following letters [email protected] (not in that order), then i apologise.
    please take my cyber hands and slap.
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