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***Summary of our Competitions***

Loads of competitions on offer for this season, so thought helpful to put up a link to them all. Always good to get as many in as we can:

The Weekly Predictions Competition

The Big Daddy, now in its 10th season. Expertly co-ordinated by @shirty5, you predict the score from 3 fixtures every week from a stated list. 100+ in so far

The Monthly Points Predictions Competition

Inaugural contest administered by young upstart @Callumcafc, every month you predict how many points Charlton will pick up in that month. 90+ in so far

Beat the Bookies Competition

Another newbie comp, one where @paulbaconsarnie is currently scratching his head thinking 'how the hell did I get talked into this'. Every week a betting sheet will be posted up, you spend a pretend tenner on a single, double or treble, and your profit / loss balance will be maintained throughout the season. To be honest, we are making this one up as we go along :-)

The @March51 Annual Predictions Competition

Sentimental one this. Sadly our popular poster @March51 passed away earlier this year. He used to run a competition with his mates for decades. His son @JiMMy 85 thought his old man would be chuffed to know it was being continued so had brought it on to her. Basically you predict every that will happen in football for the forthcoming season. 33 in so far so good to get some more. Once you do your annual predictions, that's it.

The Charlton Life Sky Soccer Saturday Super Six Mini League

Around 80 in so far in the CL mini league for the free weekly Sky comp

And finally...

Not a comp, but always good to look back on how you thought Charlton would do that season. So put your balls on the line on this one....

Good luck everyone, singular thanks for your support and multiple thanks to those giving up their time to administrate


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