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Er Henry there is a problem renewing online after 6 today

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Now I know there are normally a few extra days added on for dipheads like me who leave it to the last minute BUT just tried to do it online, and as the club do not appear to have my email address I cannot renew tonight :( :(
I thought I had submitted my email in the past but when I checked it was not on the renewal form, it was blank.
I'll check my mailbox for the next half hour but I WAS ALL JOLLY COS I WAS RENEWING WITH OVER 5 HOURS TO GO AND NOW I'M F*CKED OF WELLING!
Honestly, it's enough to make me join AFKA at Spurs ;)
Henry, I know the allocation will not go, but tell me there will be some extension on this, otherwise it's going to be a long night.


  • Where does it ask for a password? I renewed online last week without one.
  • Ok. I'll have another look at it, but it steered to this page asking for one a few moments ago.
  • Just had a look - I see what you mean. That's new since last week.

    What a time to introduce it!
  • Yeah it's a problem.
    Henry if you see this, and I don't know if you will be able to find out if the deadline will be extended as usual, but I can't be the only one who will either have to get down to the Valley tonight, or face ruin and a gradual slide towards the dark side.
  • AAAAAARGH I can't stand it any longer, I'm gonna have to take it our forms down there!
    Oh well, good excuse for a pint on the way back eh :)
  • That'll teach you to go off sunning yourself in Jamaica.

    No sympathy from Gravesend :-)
  • Yeh mon
    Well it's all done, I have a warm rosy inner glow ;0) the pint might have helped :)
    Just got to go on justgiving to pay the match fee and the world is ok :0)
  • Thanks for that Henry :) I did the decent thing and put it in the West stand box just to make sure :)
    It says to give it 30 minutes - that's probably to allow for manual intervention!
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  • I have and nothing. Sent one through straight away but neither of the other two. Load of rubbish. They better not screw me cause of their pooey system.
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