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Options for car paintwork repair

I have some minor scratches on my 2 year old car. I'm sort of aware that there are new techniques around, which are an alternative to what the authorised dealer paintshop will do for an arm and a leg. Can anyone guide me as to what to look out for? I wouldn't DIY. It's a nice car and I don't have any skills in that area. I can post fotos if that would help to answer the question.


  • Gullivan already started to key cars eh?
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    had a small but deep scrape on the back of my new car .. a superstore car park 'kiss' .. repaired myself with new style kits and manufacturer supplied paint kit .. it looks awful .. got a quote to fill and respray the damage and my 'repair' for £120 .. well worth it to retain the value of an expensive and nice new car .. only DIY if you REALLY know what you're doing
  • Never had a problem with CipsAway for minor scratches etc. Anything else I have used someone in Crockenhill. Not a garage just someone who does repairs for cash. Does a very good job though. If you're interested I can PM his name and number
  • The car lives here in Prague so I wasn't looking for specific places around SELondon but just a general idea of what kind of alternatives exist to authors iced dealers and how good the results are, as I expect there will be similar places out here
  • I have used Chips Away for small scratches and dents a few times over the last few years and always found then excellent, the newer the car the better the match
  • Most mobile chip and scratch removers will come out and give you a free estimate so I'd call 2-3 and take the best price.

    As an aside has anyone ever tried removing a small dent from a car door using one of those suction cup devices? Got back to the car after the Hull game and had two very small dents on the rear door, hasn't split the paint and looks like a butt print!
  • I'd recommend my old Mum if she was still alive.
    I once had a Nissan Micra (yes I know!) Some kid kicked a football into it and dented the drivers door.
    About a week later, I went to pick my mother up from her house. Now she never could distinguish between closing the car door and slamming it.
    She got in the passenger side and gave the door her biggest and best ever slam.There was a strage but loud metallic 'pop' sound. When I got to my house, I found the dent on the drivers door had completely popped out without leaving any mark. Result..............
  • We used GL Coachworks in Sidcup for our damaged S-Max and they were cheaper than any other quote and looks good.
  • Craggy Island Body Shop do a good job...

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