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Congrats To Igor!

At least we know why he has had a groin strain now!


  • Hopefully he will be firing on all cylinders this season then!
  • Hopefully he won't be firing blanks on the pitch as well...

    Nice one Mr and Mrs Igor
  • Congrats... "you what m8" ... Love whoevers avatar that is...
  • Another little igor they must be well chuffed the groin will get plenty of rent once the little one is born let's hope he is still playing for us as it will be a guarantee of atleast one of out team having the size of bollox needed to get out of the championship
  • I think I speak for all CharltonLifers in saying that Igor is one lucky bastard with Mrs Vetokele
  • Wonderful news, very best wishes to Igor and his partner, and to the little one.
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