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Addicks v's Wolves match thread 29/8/15



  • they have the ball at the back now push forward.....
  • Igor & KAG... can't quite see that combo working away from home against Wolves. Bugger
  • Our FK now.
    JBG to deliver, straight to Ikeme
    long, on half way, battles there, kag involved
    we cover in numbers here
    we work really hard defending half way
    igor and kasha nearly but a wolves break now
    and a FK to wolves in a dangerous position
  • Forest 0-1 Cardiff
  • they switch wings.....we pressure the ball...igor wins jbg......they cut the ball out.......and attack.....igor is down
  • kashi is booked and concedes a fk on edge of box
  • danger now.
    21 yards out
    left of D
    kasha booked
    wolves 4 over the ball
    now 2
    ref sorts it all out
    afobe or henry here
    foam deployed
    very long 10 yards
    afobe straight to pope
    panic over
  • Sounds like they are all over us.
  • henry cuts in
    danger for us now
    but our goal kick in the end
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  • igor walks off the pitch for taken.....pope takes it
  • All going a bit pear shaped today - Big Mak off, Igor with a knock, Kashi booked....still 0-0 though!
  • pope sends it out.....they get the ball back......henry attacks us again......solly defends well our gk
  • i can see henry's price increasing here
  • pope sends it out...kag to wolves.....they go long......
  • handball against KAG
    wolves FK
    wolves in our half, look to attack, and we cover then break
    looks to igor
    headed away to solly
    kasha there too
    diarra involved
    then chit chat
  • Only positive with all these injuries is that we don't have a game for 2 weeks
  • baur holds them up.......they come at us again......kashi berg.....cuz has solly.....
  • How long left to go?
  • Pedro45 said:

    All going a bit pear shaped today - Big Mak off, Igor with a knock, Kashi booked....still 0-0 though!

    Would take a 0-0 that's for sure the way things are going.
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  • solly to pope.....he sends it out.....igor jbg...fouled....our fk
  • ikeme collects a cross
    launches it to henry, great run and cross
    but misses edwards
  • jbg takes the fk......sends it in...keeper spills it and gets it at second chance.....henry attacks solly...but pope gets the ball
  • baur to kashi...cuz....solly..goes long....they get it back..and win a throw
  • janes henry again, and off solly for their throw
    on half way
    long to cody
    kasha there to fox
    kag turns, and finds johan
    chip too much for fox
    wolves goal kick
  • throw taken.....berg wins to the left just too long
  • Personally would of played 5 across midfield with Ba coming in and one up front KAG then bring on igor second half
  • You kind of want Solly to give Henry a big kick on the calf, but it sounds like he can't as he knows he will be a team-mate by next week! Maybe if Luzon tells Solly at h/t that he isn't signing him then Sols can give him that whack!
  • Wolves come at us, with purpose
    henry and goldbourne
    diarra heads away
    kasha to Zach
    fox chip headed away
    Jordan to solly
    cousins again
    to fox
    kasha now
    jbg turns tries a long curler but misses
  • igor has the ball.....losses it......they attack again....switch to henry...crosses....kashi gets fox......cuz......solly..kashi to kag
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