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Jordan Cousins on Wolves defeat


  • On reaching 100 appearances for Charlton:

    “To reach that tally at 21 shows how lucky I am at such an early age.”

    What an outstandingly mature thing to say. Well done Jordan. Here's to the next 100, 200, 300...
  • Well done Jordan! Long may it last.
  • edited August 2015
    I Want to see more of those surging runs.
    Great team player who will do the job the manager asks.
    Interesting comments about the game being stretched.
    some of our fans don't understand that in trying to wins games,
    you have more chance of losing ?

    Do you want the Peeters way, everyone drops back when in the lead,
    Or the Luzon way, try to go 2 nil up,
    I want the Luzon way.
    The problem on Saturday was the forward execution wasn't good enough.(90% of them being injured is a decent Excuse !)
    Last season at Norwich and Reading too, you can get the results, the parking the bus way, but you will never improve as a football team playing like that and you will be found out as we were over those 3 months.
  • I quite liked the Curbishley way. Go one nil up and go on to win. Don't know how he did it but it was certainly good fun!
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