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[15/16] SEPTEMBER - How many points? (& AUGUST results)

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A big thank you to the 100 people who predicted how many points we'd post for the month of August. If you missed it, it's not too late to join in the fun. Everyone has one free pass for the season, meaning you can join in the fun ahead of 12 September and just have the August average added to your score.

Anyway, below are the fixtures for September. How many points will we get this month?

Rotherham (H)
Huddersfield (H)
Blackburn (A)
Cardiff (A)

For the benefit of anyone who missed last month's predictions, here are the rules:

Month by month, I'll take the real points total and whatever each person guessed, the difference will be your score for that month ie person A guessed 4 and person B guessed 10, we achieve seven points and so both player A and B get 3 points.

The person at the end of the season with the least points, wins.

Predictions can be added during any point of the month BUT three points will be added to your score for each game you've missed. This is to discourage people from waiting until the last game of the month before predicting how many points we might have. Predictions timed as being posted after 3pm on Saturday or 7.45pm on Tuesday will be counted as late and therefore will score three points.
-For example: player Y predicts a total of 8 points for the month on 20/08 and Charlton finish the month with 5 points. Player Y scores three points for the month, as well as additional 9 points for three games missed during August for a total of 12.

Therefore for missing a month of predictions completely, each player who doesn't predict will score an amount based on how many games are played that month. In November, four games are played and so a no-show for this month would score 12 points while in December, six games are played and so a no-show for this month would score 18 points.

Each player is granted a "free" month where if you forget to predict that month for whatever reason, you receive the average points total for that month based on the scores of the other players for that month.

& one new rule: half points on your predictions are permitted.

Scores follow in the post below. If you think I've scored you incorrectly, let me know. :-)


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