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Basketball - Orlando Magic

Am off to Florida in 6 weeks and am considering taking in a Basketball game while there. Have two options Lakers or Jazz. Am swaying towards Jazz as it is much cheaper.

Anyone else seen a game in Orlando? If so, how did you get tickets? It seems to be a bit of a minefield of Stubb Hubb type sites!

Any advice would be welcomed.


  • Email them direct and explain you are coming from the UK & it's always been a dream to watch Jazz. That's what I did with New York Knicks & they sorted me some tickets out
  • Who are the worst team? Pick them, stay true to your roots.
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    Whoever you go to see make sure that you only go in for the last 30 seconds of the game. By doing so, you'll avoid the repetitive monotony of the preceding 2 and a half hours!!

    Room 101 it with NFL and Baseball (and popcorn at cinemas - still!).
  • The Lakers have one of the all-time greats in Kobe Bryant, Two big centres in Roy Hibberd and Carlos Boozer and two future stars of the league in Julius Randle & D'Angelo Russell.

    The Jazz have no real superstar, but a group of very good young players, led by Trey Burke, Dante Exum & Gordon Hayward.

    You pay your money and you take your choice. You'll enjoy it more if you read up on the tactics beforehand. Each club has a playing style, different formations, set plays, defensive tactics and attacking moves, just like a football team. The difference is, that it's so quick, it's often difficult to read.
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