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Quotes from CAS Trust chairman in SLP

As part of the wider Morts piece favourite

“We recognise that the mood has changed as the days have gone by - there is a lot of disquiet on social media. Our message to all our members is to come along and air their views.

“There is a lot of talk about protests but, to be frank, protests just for the sake of it, compared to a well-crafted one, is not going to achieve anything.

“We are having a variety of conversations and meetings - we go to the fans’ forum, Valley Gold meeting - and have had conversations with Katrien [Meire, chief executive] and Richard Murray [non-executive chairman].

“But there has not been a sit down where we can understand what the plan is, where it is going and what they intend to do with the club.

“What we are trying to achieve is how they respond to our concerns and things that have not worked - like bringing in managers with no Championship experience. We haven’t had that meeting.

“There is another opportunity to speak to senior management coming up shortly.

“We’d like our chance to have an input, especially on the dwindling crowds. One of the good things is that we have experience - we’ve been involved in these things before. We know what works and doesn’t work. We find it frustrating we haven’t been able to do that.”


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