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At least now we know where we stand (Another thread relative to this bad spell and the owners)

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At least we have more of an understanding now about how the club is run then previously with alot more sureness and less doubts, no longer kidding ourselves and things are coming to the (EDIT) - surface. People are being more honest.

I've gone from feeling bored to angry to not caring, now finally, I just mostly feel sad, and I'm glad I feel sad. I almost remember the feeling of being fully emotionally attached again

People say its some crap that katrien put together (most likely) , but I liked makinoks recent video interview and good on him. I don't massively rate him as a player but it's clear he is hurting and trying to be positive.
Apart from the rather underwhelming CV, I don't know enough about the new gaffer to criticise, but...

I think it's best...and I would hope and like to think, that the players have had a separate meeting discussing how they are going to try and get a bit of pride and credibility back here. Any result we get at Boro is on the players.

We are a big enough club with a proud history, whether the owner thinks so or not, to play with enough pride and we are worth fighting for...whoever is putting the money in, it doesn't matter. The players should not feel like they are playing or working for RD, unfortunately, the man that in the end pays their wages, they should be soley playing for there own personal pride, the club in general, and more importantly, the fans.

I really respect the people of our lot that make there way to Boro. The players will need and will appreciate the support they may not feel they necessarily deserve.

Well I hope so.


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