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Car Selling sites

Anyone know of any good ones FREE

Got car on all the local Facebook selling pages as well as the RAC, Guntree, Free ads, Auto4you. Also paid a tenner to go on Exchange & Mart, want to see if there are many other free sites before considering Auto trader as they are the most expensive to sell on


  • Piston heads have free listings
  • Depends what car it is but I had very little response on Autotrader. I also tried which was free without much success, and Pistonheads.
    Eventually sold mine through Car and Classic. Free to place ad. Good site.
    But it does depend what car you are selling of course. A few people I know have sold through Autotrader quite easily.
    Hope that helps a bit.
  • Just a 05 plate Astra Estate

    But will try these others as well
  • ads said:

    Piston heads have free listings

    Not nymore 11.99 for 2 weeks

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