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A request

I would like to shamelessly appeal to CL's good heart. I know we have disagreements from time to time, but I am always impressed by the generous nature of many people here. On that note...

My daughter is currently studying for a PG diploma in Events Management. This is part of her plan to open a community cafe and studio, aimed at struggling graphic designers to get started and providing people who need good affordable food, well cooked in a friendly place.

As part of her final coursework for her diploma she is organising a charity auction for Teenage Cancer Trust. Her team have a target of raising £4000 by 8th December. So my request is for two things.

1. can you can offer something interesting for them to auction (e.g. an unusual activity, a weekend break, or anything that people might like to bid for)? If so then please PM and I will pass it on.
2. Please donate to any amount of money to support the charity.

By helping in this way you will have helped someone in the Charlton family and, most of all, given support to a good charity.

Thanks in advance for any support you can give to this.
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Roland Out!