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Final day to help save the Freedom of Information Law

Ok that's a bit dramatic, but this is indeed the final day of the rather dodgy public consultation exercise. The government want - only - to make further restrictions, when in fact it needs to be made stronger. Their Commission is packed full of anti-freedom people like Jack Straw.

If you think our Olympic Stadium campaign has been a good thing, then please try to spare max 10 minutes to make your voice heard. These great people have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to do so. If you feel like writing to your MP but don't know what to write you could simply link him/her to the BBC documentary and say 'this is an sample of why the FOI law needs to be protected".



  • When asked to name his biggest regret as PM, Blair chose the enactment of the FOI - this is from the guy who sanctioned the Iraq war but doesn't see it as his biggest mistake !

    He sees his biggest mistake as making legislation which empowers you to ask questions and find out more detailed answers.

    This tells you everything you need to know, the people in power don't like the FOI Act, so us ordinary folk have to have it.
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