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Sorry if this an old topic but a (brief) search on gigs brought up no fresh results.

I live in Dumbarton, so my visits to The Valley are infrequent but when down in London I enjoy taking in a music gig.

I usually use Visit London as my source of info (other then trying favourite venue websites direct) and I'm surprised at the lack of gigs on there (as compared to Glasgow). So I've got a couple of questions.

Should I look anywhere else for gig info?

Is there anywhere in SE London thats worth going to "on spec" where you can usually see a decent gig?

Not visiting The Valley, but pleased to be going to Brighton on 5 Dec. Going to see the utterly wonderful Danny & The Champs at the 100 Club on Thu 3 and my weekend has been made by learning that the Peter Bruntnell Band are playing London on 4th. Good times!!

So fellow lifers, what gigs are you going to, where and when?


  • Go to Ents 24.
    Add the region you are interested in and then you will get email alerts on any bands you like plus gig listings by area.
    superb site - used it for years.

    (just in from Buzzcocks, Slade Rooms Wolverhampton after a very snowy drive home)
  • Cheers Arthur

    Was once given the choice (1979?) of Queen of the South v Dumbarton or The Buzzcocks at Glasgow Apollo by my brother. In those days I always picked fitba, sad times!!

    Hope you enjoyed Pete & Co
  • Cheers Charlie :smiley:
  • Use song kick
  • I'm on most venues emailing list, sometimes gets annoying when there's nothing that I particularly want to see but at least it's keeping in touch.

    recent gigs, leftfield, patti smith and richard hawley all at the roundhouse, camden town.

    coming up, simple minds at the o2 and caravan palace at the forum kentish town.
  • Ticketmaster, Ticketweb, Live Nation,, to name but a few sites, who will e mail you when gigs are coming up for release & you can search for anything.

    My next gigs are The Libertines at The O2 on 30th January and The Stranglers Friday 11th March at Brixton Academy.
  • Slight digression but can anyone tell me if Event Travel is a reputable site for booking tickets for gigs?

    Bit of a novice at all this online booking stuff so would appreciate a bit of advice.
  • Signing up to email alerts from gettothefront which covers most gigs announced daily
  • I've signed up to a few. It means you can get tickets as soon as they go on sale. Ticketmaster, AXS, live nation, ticketweb, seetickets all do this. Also worth punting around as their commission varies and, in some cases, the seats they have to offer.
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