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This year's official Top 100 Charlton Christmas book list

1.PowerPoint by Katrien Moore. An amazing story based on real life events of a young woman who finds that a third class law degree from Blankenburg Polytechnic and a brief flirtation with a septuagenarian tycoon, provides the perfect fast-track to the top flight of English football. "An inspiration for all of us with ambition and no ability," (The Antwerp Chronicle). Only £29-99

2.My winning formula by Roland Duchatalet. The charismatic football maverick reveals his proven mathematic equation that shows if you use at least 5 coaches and 187 players in one season and ensure that at least 86.98% are complete crap, you can propel a team languishing in the second tier of English football to the bottom half of the same division. A life-changing read and the ultimate Christmas bargain at £465-50 (Euros also accepted).

3.The 2% must die by Professor Ron Smelling. Award-winning sociologist Professor Ron Smelling of Antwerp university shows that in all organisations there is a 2% minority that will never comply with the leader's wishes due to psychiatric and mental deficiencies on their part. In this scientific blockbuster, Smelling uses a number of PowerPoint slides to show that if those 2% are simply eliminated (from the equation) that organisation will immediately reach the Premiership. Only £19-99.

4.I love Roly by Colin '1961' Duchatelet. A tear jerking love story of one man's undying loyalty to an eccentric electronics entrepreneur; a beloved father-figure who never returned his calls. "The ultimate unrequited love story" (4-4-2 magazine) "Very sad indeed" (The Sun). "He never had friends at school" (Colin's Mum). Only £1-99 if you agree to talk to Colin.

5. No Substitute (for the Belgians) by Keith Peacock In a rapid re-working of this Valley classic , Charlton legend Keith Peacock explains that working for the Belgians is in fact far more interesting than being the Football League's first ever substitute and this has nothing at all to do with him being sacked if he says otherwise. Only £2-99 with trade in option for any original copy of No Substitute (photos only in black & white).

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  • That made me smile on the 08:16 from Farnborough
  • Very funny Grumpy
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    7. Dream of the Red Chamber

    Sint Truiden's training ground IT support hopes of landing the Charlton managers' job following a chance encounter chatting football with Roland Duchatelet whilst upgrading his PC to Microsoft Office 2016
  • Funniest thing I've read on CL for a while. The fourth one is the best - sorry Colin.
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    I See Things That No One Else Can See by Are Two Chalets – This revolutionary new book, on what looks upon first glance as 500 blank pages is in fact the authors blueprint for success. This is a best seller in Belgium
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    Fraeye on the Wall Danny Wallace's hilarious sequel to Join Me sees a Belgian third division manager accidentally taking over at an English Championship club.

    Boardroom with a View A photographic retrospective for the 98th percentile.

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    To Kill a MockingFan ... After years of trying to provide this website with Rumours and inside scoops, Colin finally loses it and goes on a rampage
  • Raging Bull –Roland Duchatelet explains his vision for footballing glory with his infamous football network ideology. Comes with an updated chapter titled ‘How to Succeed in the Transfer Window’
  • Watt-LePointe - a series of emails between supporters and Roland questioning the clubs transfer policy.
  • A Tale of Two Cities: How the comings and goings at Charlton are managed from a secret bunker in Antwerp.

    The Road to Little Dribbling: Charlton attempt to break their FA Cup hoodoo with a first round win against non-league minnows.

    Go Set A Watchman: The story of Roland's instructions to Katrien on Head Coach Recruitment.

    The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and her Lover: Detailed exposé of all the candidates interviewed for the Head Coach job.

    The Fry Chronicles: Diary of an intern. Also available in Belgium as Het Dagboek van Karol Fraeye.
  • Genuine LOLs here, Grumpy's were excellent. Keep them coming
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    Minor League Report - A full behind the scenes look at how the data is analysed and collated on Charltons new superstar striker from the Belgian 4th division.
  • Groundhog Day ... The Autobiography of Roland Duchatalet covering the first two years of his Charlton reign
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