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Just got back from Portman Road - Ipswich 0 Middlesborough 2

Funny old game, eh?

Got a freebie invite from an old mucker who used to manage in local footie when I was doing my coaching badges.

Town were a little unlucky first half, two or three point blank saves from the Boro keeper but second half fell flat and Boro were soon on top.

Boro a very good side, well organised. Leadbitter a dominant Captain - leads by example.
Town were a little outmuscled - opposite to last Saturday.
Albert Adomah a class above - best Boro player by a country mile.
Town too much long ball and Murphy and Sears not allowed to breathe.

Town fans told me they are fed up with long ball - I told them they could do a lot worse than Mick McCarthy.

David Nugent a wiley old dog who did very little but given one chance and he took it.

Boro first goal a tad lucky and changed the game - bit like Town's first on Saturday at The Valley when Smith forearm-smashed Solly and got away with it.

Adam Clayton - decent player but how he wasn't booked for the umpteen cynical fouls he committed, God only knows.

Finally, I think back to Saturday with our performance and I think forward to Boro tonight.
I was a fan of Guy Luzon and picked up on his focus on recovering shape when losing possession.
Reading Manager, Steve Clarke commented, "We knew how organised and difficult to breakdown Charlton are" - this was the reputation we had developed under Luzon.

Luzon was right, of course, Boro did exactly that tonight - recovered shape instantly and were masterful at it.
CAFC last Saturday were were the antithesis of that.
Ipswich defend in numbers, often with two holding midfielders supporting the back four which can be dull and negative.
We need to find the middle ground but Luzon was bang on and that should be a focus at CAFC that lives on.
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