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World Champ Anderson admits to losing on purpose.

Darts world champion today admitted to losing on purpose to Adrian Lewis in 2011 because of the absolute dogs abuse lewis was getting from the hostile Scottish Crowd. Really good sporting gesture or wrong for throwing the game. My opinion good on him for being so open and honest about it. Your Thoughts?.


  • Not okay. People will have lost money as a result. Also, by going public he has completely devalued the other bloke's victory.
    Plus he could be making it up.
  • If someone could prove they staked large on him that night could they sue? And no, I didn't!
  • Open and honest.......4 years on!
  • edited December 2015
    Stupid boy - should have kept it to himself-if true.
  • He has since retracted apparently and said it did not come out as was intended.

    Not sure I believe that after seeing the interview on the BBC website though.
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