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  • No brainer for him, as the staff at Bolton weren't getting paid.
  • always liked him good luck to him
  • Great stuff, Hughsey !

    Will pop round to see you when we're next in Harrogate .

  • great bloke. I'm sure he'll be wanting us to fail tomorrow though.
  • 2 ex Charlton players from up north now managing the Mighty Millers .. good luck and fortune to them both, except against us
  • stonemuse said:

    Good for him, he will be a good manager in the future

    Based on...

  • Great character. Good luck to him. Success at Rotherham will only make our task harder though.
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  • Good luck to him. Though hope they go down and not us.
  • Congratulations Hughesy, good luck
  • Congratulations Hughesy, good luck
  • Would love him here! Exactly what we need! Has the stength of character for a relegation battle and will tell the players a few home truths they may not want to hear! Knows the championship and would be a good man manager.

    I have been sing for a while that we need a Director of football for this system to work. Someone to pull together all the various aspects. The European scouting network, the analysts, the British scouting the academy and the first team. Pull all these together so all of the club is working to the same aim at all levels and under the same system. As Les Reed has done so successfully at Soton. That is the only way I can see this model having any chance of working.

    So back on the original point I would want Hughes as coach.. (or someone like him, young, up and coming but knows the league and English football well. Also will be fairly cheap so owners won't object) in charge of the first team handle the day to day running of the squad and all that.. with Euell as assistant then someone like Riga as DOF.. or whatever you wanna call it. It allows the owner to have his European influence and style and coaching still highly involved. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing just need the balance of that and champ no how and dogged determination.

    Bit of a disorganised ramble that is but I think my point gets across.. probably not the right thread for it...
  • Lots of time for Hughes. We could do with him now.
  • I can imagine Andy Hughes doing well in the lower divisions, as success down there relies heavily on motivational skills, and you can imagine him firing up a team!
    Whether he has the tactical and coaching acumen as well is something that we will find out with time
  • off to a bad start last night .. thankfully .. though I confess to having a soft spot for Rotherham, a nice friendly club
  • colthe3rd said:

    stonemuse said:

    Good for him, he will be a good manager in the future

    Based on...

    he told me :wink:
  • First team coach at Palace

    Why Andy, why?
  • I used to like Andy Hughes :(
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  • He is now an ex-person.
  • Never rated him and don't get me started on his level of commitment! :smile:
  • What a shame.
  • I haven't seen anything, is it on the CPFC official site as I've no desire to go there!

    A strange appointment, he's done nothing in his coaching career to suggest a PL job would come his way?
  • Agent Hughes?
  • edited March 2016
    Exactly the type of person we should have been trying to get on the coaching staff. Oh wait we did, very recently. But we offered him such a low salary as to insult him. So that's good. At least we managed to get Euell to step up...
  • Good luck AH. We are dead upside down floating in the pond so would like to see him do well there and keep em up....
  • He may still have his place in Blackheath. Friend of mine decorated it.
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