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How do I get rid of an unwanted pop up?

You see, everytime I visit Charlton Life or any Charlton website, I get an owner reminder pop up in my head.

I am able to ignore that one, or at least close it out of my mind temporarily.

However there's another more annoying one...

It pops up and tells me that only 2% of our fans are disillusioned and that I must be part of the 2% if I disagree.

It's making me want to ignore all Charlton based sites. I know it's affecting other users as I've seen the comments.

It reminds me how badly run we appear to be and where we are heading unless things change.

What's worse is it's constant spamming the same lines, blaming the fans, crying for the cameras and generally talking bullsheet.

So my question returns...

How do we remove the bullsheet spamming owner and CEO pop ups, that have popped into our club and are proceeding to infect us all with hatred for the thing we all once loved.

We cant afford Malware or Adware blockers... And the Football Assosciation seem to believe the Spammers are fit for purpose and are not an issue.

If they can't be removed how do we ensure the voices are heard? They're used to protesters, they're used to banners and they're used to abuse... (which gets you nowhere fast anywho)

(Think i failed to keep my veiled question... veiled)


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